This is the article for the character, for the enemy see Zombies (Graveyard Maniacs)

Zombie goes up character
Gender Unknown
Faction Evil
Health 1 hit from any hazard or enemy
Level All
Game(s) Zombie Goes Up

Zombies are the main characters in the game Zombie Goes Up.


Zombies wear red shorts and a purple vest. Zombies have yellow eyes, white cheeks, a black nose, and a yellow mouth on their face. Zombies posses arms and legs and have green skin.

Game informationEdit

Zombies come out of checkpoint caskets. They can be steered left or right by by pressing the left or right arrow keys. They can be slowed down by pressing the down arrow key or sped up by pressing the up arrow key. Any hazards or enemies will kill the zombie and make another zombie come out of the checkpoint casket that was last touched. When a zombie gets killed it's head will come off it's body and both will fall off the screen.

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The zombies were last seen coming up out of the ground and beginning to take over the world.

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