Not to be confused with Yetis.

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Gender Male
Health 1 hit
Level All
Game(s) Lost Yeti

The yeti is the main character of Lost Yeti.


The yeti has white fur which extends to his body and arms. His legs and eye area are pink. A tuft of white fur partially covers his face.

Game informationEdit

The yeti was travelling with a group of other yetis when he noticed a red popsicle on a tree stump. He ate the popsicle, but upon finishing it, realized that the other yetis had left the area.

The player controls the yeti indirectly by moving the ice blocks within the designated arrows. If the yeti is contained within at least two blocks' worth of space, he will move constantly. When the yeti hits a corner, he turns clockwise, unless the clockwise direction has been blocked off.

In the Gloomy Cave, the yeti has the ability to smash crates.

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