Yellow goo
Yellow goo
Ability: Helping the player to wall jump
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Yellow goo is a interactive objects in the game Slime Laboratory 2.


Yellow goo is bright yellow splats of a sticky substance that is splatted on a wall or, in some case, completely lines a large section of a wall. Yellow goo has a flat side that is the side placed nearest to the outside of a wall and a lumpy side that various in shape from splat to splat.

Game informationEdit

Yellow goo first appears in level 6 and always appears in groups. If the player makes Slime jump onto a patch of yellow goo, Slime will stick to it. By pressing the button to jump Slime will dislodge itself from the goo. Usually yellow goo appears on both walls usually in patches that alternate from both sides allowing the player to wall jump to get to higher areas. Sometimes yellow goo appears entirely on one side with white lasers placed sideways near the yellow goo.

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