Attack: Running into the Boy
Abilities: teleporting and making Skeletons
Health: 1 hit from a pumpkin
Points: 100 points
Introduced in: level 10
Game(s): Graveyard Maniacs

Witches are a type of enemy in the game Graveyard Maniacs.


Witches appear to wear a black dress that is lined with a bronze. They also appear to be wearing a cloak that goes over the top of their heads. On the witches face is black skin and two red/pink beady eyes. Lastly witches have two green hands.

Game informationEdit

Witches first appear on level 10 of Graveyard Maniacs. Witches will move back and fourth in a pattern and sometimes they will teleport to a different part of the screen. Sometimes witches will pause then create a skeleton and that is why it is best to kill the witch as soon as possible. To destroy a witch the player must make the main character push a pumpkin into the witch. Once the pumpkin and the witch touch a wall 100 points will be gained and a piece of candy will be dropped in a random area on the screen.

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