Weapon objects
Street light
A street light
Ability: Destroying enemies and buildings
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Weapon objects are interactive objects in Roar Rampage.


Lamp PostEdit

The lamp post has a long and shiny cylindrical grey pole coming from the bottom of it. On top of the grey pole is a pointed light pink part. That pink part has a bluish white pointed glass coming from the top end of it.

Wrecking BallEdit

The wrecking ball is black and round. It is attached to a gold linked chain that comes from the top of the screen.


The hammer has a bulky grey handle coming from below it. On top of the bulky handle is a goldish brown rectangle that is smaller at the ends.


The rocket is is cylindrical. It is partly white with red rings on the front of it and small red cylinders going around its top, bottom, and middle.

Game informationEdit

Weapon objects are commonly found at the start or middle of a level. If the Green dinosaur wishes to grab one he must put his fist over it and wait for the object to have a white outline. Once there is a white out line, the player must click and drag the object to pull it out of the ground. The green dinosaur will suddenly roar when he picks up the object. Now the weapon object acts like a extension of the green dinosaurs arm as it will reach farther ahead then his arm could.

Once either the hammer, wrecking ball, or lamp post touches a enemy, that enemy will be destroyed. If the wrecking ball, hammer, or lamp post touches a building, that building will have a piece of it knocked off. After the lamp post, hammer, or wrecking ball hit enough objects, those object will break. If the green dinosaur by accident drops his weapon by accidentally releasing pressure on the left mouse button, he can easily grab it again by clicking and holding it.

In version two of Roar Rampage, rockets were introduced. The player has to grab them quickly or the machine holding it will fly away. Once grabbed hitting it against a object will instantly shatter that object, all enemies a certain distance near the explosion, and the rocket will be destroyed. Because of that, the rocket is the most powerful weapon and it can be found on level nine of Roar Rampage except in later versions of Roar Rampage where the weapon is absent. Street lights can be found on level two, wrecking balls on level four, and hammers on level eight.


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