Water fall morn1
a waterfall in the morning
Ability: Allowing the Sun's Scale to drop to a lower platform
Game(s): Sky Island

Waterfalls are interactive objects in Sky Island.


At sunset and the morning, waterfalls appear light blue with white foam in them. At night waterfalls become pink or purple when there is nothing behind them. Waterfalls in any time of the are semi-transparent.

Game informationEdit

When the Sun's Scale steps into a waterfall he will get pushed down onto the platform below. Waterfalls often appear in numbers and two are sometimes on the same platform together. When the perspective is changed when the Sun's Scale is on a platform the waterfall is flowing from, a pool of water can be seen.



  • The pool the waterfall flows from never dries up even thought the waterfall is constantly flowing and there is no object supplying the pool with water.

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