Attack: Running into the player
Abilities: floating and going through platforms
Introduced in: all
Game(s): Dino Quake

Voodoo ghosts are enemies and hazards in the game Dino Quake.


Voodoo ghosts have a white body that has two arms and a tail. Voodoo ghosts wear a brown mask that has two eye holes , two eyebrows, and a brown mouth carved on to it. On top of the mask is two green feathers with a large blue feather between them. Staring out of the carved eye holes are two red eyes that belong to the voodoo ghost.

Game informationEdit

Voodoo ghosts are one of the most dangerous enemies as it cannot be killed. A banner saying "Hurry Up" will appear at the bottom of the screen which will either appear in the early levels of Dino Quake or in the first boss fight (the player cannot possibly beat the boss fast enough to not cause a voodoo ghost to appear). If the player does not kill all enemies in a certain amount of time, a banner will appear say "Voodoo panic" and then a voodoo ghost will come out and begin the chase the dinosaurs. The voodoo ghost will go through platforms and is not affected by enemies. The only way to get rid of it is to destroy all enemies or kill the main characters.

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