Attack: Chasing the main character
Abilities: Breaking pumpkins
Health: 1 hit from a pumpkin
Points: 100
Introduced in: Level 21
Game(s): Graveyard Maniacs

Vampires are enemies in the game Graveyard Maniacs.


Vampires posses arms and legs and wear red capes, a black shirt, and black pants. They have pale skin and white ears. On their face they have two white pupiless eyes, short black hair, a red mouth, and two small white fangs.

Game informationEdit

Vampires first appear on level twenty-one of Graveyard Maniacs. Vampires move at a rapid pace and will chase the main character. They will also break pumpkins to try to get at the player making them quite dangerous. To kill a vampire the player must make the main character push a pumpkin into the vampire. Once both enemy and pumpkin touch a wall 100 points will be gained and a pickup will be placed in a random area of the screen.

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