V-winged gunship
V-winged gunship
Attack: sending out a ring of blue bullets
Points: 10000
Introduced in: level 24
Game(s): Ray Quest

V-winged gunship is a boss found in the game Ray Quest.


The v-winged gunship's body is shaped like a diamond and has two triangles coming out of the top of it. At the back of the boss is two triangle fins that are grey with three dark grey marking on it. The two fins are attached to the rest of the ship that is the same colour as the fins but is dark blue at the front. Lastly, a single pointed grey triangle is placed on either side of the ship.

Game informationEdit

The v-winged gunship only appears in level 24. This boss will begin to rotate around the level and send out a ring of blue bullets in random areas of the screen. Once the boss has sent out a ring of blue bullets, it will quickly move to the other side and send out another ring. Once the v-winged gunship has been destroyed, 10000 points will be gained.


Since the boss can move very quickly, it would be a good idea to move a short distance away from the boss. When the boss does send out the ring of blue bullets, by keeping very far away gaps will become larger and the Spaceship can ram forward and do allot of damage to the boss. By repeating these methods, soon the boss will explode.


  • The v-winged gunship is the most agile of all enemies found in Ray Quest.

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