Abilities: Retracting into their shells
Health: One hit from a snowball then getting pushed into any object
Points: None
Introduced in: Level 7
Game(s): Snow Tale

Turtles are enemies that first appear on level 7 of the game Snow Tale.


Turtles have black bodies and white eyes. They have two purple feet on the sides of their bodies. They wear a purple shell that has white spikes and has a white rim over the top.

Game informationEdit

Turtles first appear in level seven and all levels that have green pillars in the background. Turtles will walk back and fourth across platforms and will turn and walk back when the reach the edge. Turtles will retract into their shells if the see the penguin. If the penguin throws a snowball at a turtle that has crouched, the snowball will not freeze the turtle and will be destroyed.

Turtles mostly appear in numbers and are often difficult to destroy due to their shell. There are two ways to destroy a turtle the first being to kick a frozen enemy into them. The second way it to throw a snowball while the turtle's back is to the Penguin then kick them into a object. Either way will kill the turtle and make them leave a ice cream

Cameo appearancesEdit



  • The turtles bear a resemblance to Spinies.
  • Turtles are the only enemies in Snow Tale that have been given a way to avoid being frozen by snowballs.

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