Army Mine
Attack: Shooting bullets at the Green dinosaur
Health: 1 hit from the green dinosaur
Game(s): Roar Rampage

Turrets are a hazard in the game Roar Rampage.


Turrets are black and circular. They have a black stick coming out of them that fires orange/yellow cylindrical bullets. Four round black circles with a hole in the middle go around the circular part of the turret. On the circular part of the turret is a black square with a red dot in the middle of it.

Game informationEdit

Turrets are always placed on buildings and often appear in numbers. After a certain amount of time has passed, turrets will shoot a stream of orange/yellow flashing bullets. Those bullets can be blocked by the Green dinosaur's boxing glove. Once a turret comes in contact with the boxing glove of the green dinosaur, they will instantly be destroyed and 140 points will be gained.

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