Turning boards
Ability: Tilt when stepped on
Introduced in: Level 12
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Turning boards are interactive objects in Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Turning boards look like flat boards on a geared wheel. They are dark brown in colour and are narrower at the bottom. The gear wheel they are on top of is dotted with different shades of brown with geared edges that are dark grey.

Game informationEdit

Turning boards first appear on level 12, forming the only safe route across a path of hard floor for the owner. When one is stepped on, it turns in the direction the owner is standing on with the tilting continuing until the owner is off it, whereupon it will return to its initial balanced position.

When using turning boards to cross over hard floor, the player cannot be hesitant, or the owner may fall off one and land on the hard surface below, resulting in a game over. Instead, the owner should move and jump from board to board constantly, staying as close to the middle of the board as possible to keep it in equilibrium. This will lessen the amount of tilt the turning boards give and allow the player some time for the owner to move and jump to the next turning board or onto stable ground.

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