Attack: Dashing into the Dinosaurs
Abilities: Jumping to across,below, or above platforms
Health: 1 hit from a earthquake
Points: Varies
Introduced in: Level 4
Game(s): Dino Quake

Triceratops are enemies in the game Dino Quake.


Triceratops have four light blue legs with a single white toe nail on each. The Triceratops body is also light blue and a tail comes from it's rear. That tail is blue and has pale yellow under it. The Triceratops has a beak shaped mouth, black eyes, and two pale yellow horns coming out of it's light blue head.

Game informationEdit

Triceratops only appear on levels four and five of Dino Quake and make no other appearances. They will walk back and fourth across platforms and occasionally stop and jump to a platform that is across, below, or above them.

Once a triceratops see a dinosaur, the triceratops will chase it and only leave off the chase if the dinosaur jumps to a new platform. If a triceratops is hit by a earthquake they will be thrown into the air and drop a certain pickup when they land.

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