Drop Wizard Teo front
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health 3 hits
Level All (excluding Boss Rush)
Game(s) Drop Wizard

Teo is the main character of Drop Wizard. He embarked on a mission to defeat an evil warlock named Kardius after his friend Mia was turned into a statue. He is playable in all levels except Boss Rush.


Teo is portrayed as a human with tall eyes and blonde hair. He is mostly dressed in blue attire, with a pointy wizard hat, shirt and cape. His hands are seen as white circles; his wand is light blue. Teo wears a pair of brown shoes.

Game informationEdit


Teo and his friend Mia were travelling from town to town when the warlock Kardius awoke and turned Mia into a statue. Teo then set out on a journey through five different lands with a couple of snowballs and faced the warlock at the Ancient Temple. Upon ultimately defeating Kardius, Mia was freed from the curse and the two of them sailed away from the burning temple with the accompanying snowballs.


In the game, Teo is able to fire a projectile when he lands on a platform. This projectile can temporarily stun enemies, of which Teo then touches to send the enemy rolling. The player must use Teo to defeat all enemies present in a level before proceeding.

Certain powerups may affect Teo or the surrounding enemies, which can assist in the faster completion of a level.

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