TNT crates
TNT crate
Ability: Blowing up objects
Game(s): Dyna Boy

TNT crates are interactive objects in the game Dyna Boy.


TNT crates are square with red boards constructed to make a frame. The rest of the TNT crate is red boards except for the middle of the TNT crate which has a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark on it.

Game informationEdit

TNT crates first appear on level 6 and often appear in numbers. If several TNT crates are placed close together, when one blows up it will start a chain reaction causing the other to blow up as well. TNT crates will blow up once TNT goes off near them. TNT crates are much more powerful then TNT since they can destroy diamonds in block form when they are set off near them. TNT crates grant 10 points when destroyed.

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