TNT placed
Ability: Blowing up objects
Game(s): Dyna Boy

TNT is an interactive object and hazards in Dyna Boy.


TNT is rectangular with a black outline and a thin and bent grey wick. The rest of the TNT stick is various shades of red.

Game informationEdit

TNT is first introduced in level 2 and appears in every level except level 1. TNT always appear in sets of three and in boxes. One collected, TNT can be placed by pressing space or thrown by either running and pressing space or jumping and pressing space. After being placed TNT will start to create smoke and then blow up destroying any destroyable objects that are caught in the blast. Because they are able to destroy objects, TNT is necessary for completing levels. All objects, with the exception of diamonds in block form, will suffer some effect from TNT. TNT will also harm the miner if the miner is caught in the blast.


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