A rectangular swing
Ability: Allowing Slime to get to new areas
Game(s): Slime Laboratory

Swings are interactive objects in Slime Laboratory.


Rectangular swingsEdit

Rectangular swings have two long black cords attached to a rectangular object. That rectangular object is divided into two pieces of which the top piece is grey and has two small bolts in it. The bottom piece is black and yellow striped with the stripes being slightly slanted.

Circular swingsEdit

As their name suggests circular swings are indeed circular. They have one long black cord attached to a circle. That circle is grey and has several small grey bolts going around it. At the circles core is a yellow and black striped area. Those stripes are slightly slanted.

Game informationEdit

Swings come in two types, rectangular swings and circular swings, but both preform the same action. Both types of swings mostly appear in numbers. Rectangular swings first appear in level three. Both swings can be swung back and fourth by making Slime move back and fourth across them. Often the higher areas that are reached may contain floppy disks.

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