Big green dino
Health: Five hits to the tail
Introduced in: Level 6
Game(s): Dino Quake

The stegosaurus is the first boss encountered in Dino Quake.


The stegosaurus has four legs with two pale yellow toe nail on each leg. It has a pale yellow underbelly that goes under its tail that has two pale yellow spikes on it. Stegosaurus has a black mouth, black eyes, and eight pale yellow spikes sticking out of it's back. The Stegosaurus is completely green except for it's tail that may be yellow, red, or green.

Game informationEdit

When the stegosaurus descends, it will land on the uppermost of four platforms. After the boss has walked back and forth on one platform, it will stop to leap onto another platform above or below it.

Because of the stegosaurus' size, the platform it was previously on will have the top half of the boss covering it and if one of the dinosaurs goes on the platform and makes contact with the stegosaurus, they will lose a life. The boss can only be defeated by making a earthquake that touches its tail. After two hits, the tail will turn yellow, then red after two more. The final hit after that will destroy the boss and leave three diamonds on the bottom ground.


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