Spiked turtles
Spiked turtle
Attack: ramming into the player
Health: 1 hit
Points: 200
Introduced in: level 3
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Spiked turtles are enemies in Dyna Boy.


The shell of the spiked turtle is circular and dark grey. The shell is rimmed with white and the grey part of the shell appear to have small bumps on it. Two white spikes come from either side of the shell and the points of the spikes appear dulled once the spiked turtle is killed.

The spiked turtle has four feet that are shaped like half circles and are grey. From the opening of the shell the spiked turtles two yellow rectangular eyes can be seen.

Game informationEdit

Spiked turtles first appear in level 3 and often appear in ones or twos. Spiked turtles will walk back and forth and turn once they encounter a object. Because of this it is possible to make a spiked turtle stay in one place by pushing objects that cannot be moved by them, such as boxes, in front of them.

Spiked turtles will take away one life from the miner upon contact and can be killed by TNT and grant 200 points. Once killed the spiked turtle's shell will still remain and the shell will not longer hurt the miner and can be used as a platform. If the shell of the spiked turtle is pushed in one direction it will keep rolling until it is stopped by a object.


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