This is the article for the object, for the character see Spaceship

A spaceship with one alien in it
Ability: Flying
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Spaceships are objects found in level 6 of the air cup of Hoop and Pop.


Spaceships have a triangle shaped base and a round half circle top. The half circle top is white and shiny. The base is brownish gold and has several bright green dots on it that are visible when it turns. Inside the spaceship will either be one, two or three grey aliens.

Game informationEdit

Spaceships only appear on level six of the air cup. Spaceships will come from the left and right side of the screen and bob up and down then disappear on the other side. To pop them the player must circle a spaceship with another that has the same number of aliens in it. Depending on how many objects were circled with each other, spaceships will always grant points in the hundreds. For example: two flying saucers are circled and each grant 200 points.


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