Snow trolls
Attack: Walking into the Yetis
Abilities: Moving on their own
Health: 1 hit on the head
Introduced in: Level 3
Game(s): Icy Cave

Snow trolls are the only enemy in the game Icy Cave.


Snow trolls have oval shaped bodies with a rugged back and green skin. On the snow trolls face is a single yellow eye and a black mouth with two fang like teeth sticking out. The snow troll has two pointed ears on either side of it's head and dark blue hair between the two ears. Lastly the snow troll has two dark blue feet below their bodies.

Game informationEdit

Snow trolls first appear on level three of Icy Cave. Snow trolls will walk back and fourth across certain areas. If a yetis touches a snow troll that yeti will instantly be killed. Snow trolls can be killed if a yeti drops on top of their head from above but this can often be dangerous if the player doesn’t time right. Another way to kill snow trolls is to crush them between gates which is heavily depended upon in the last level of Icy Cave.

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