Slime bits
Slime bit
Ability: Making Slime grow bigger.
Game(s): Slime Laboratory

Slime bits are pickups in Slime Laboratory


Slime bits are small and green and come out of a bottle. The bottle is clear and shows green liquid inside and has a orange cap.

Game informationEdit

Slime bits come out of bottles that are attached to ceilings or in walls and first appears on level 2. Once Slime touches a slime bit, Slime will become bigger and be able to push over walls and jump higher. To get Slime back to normal size the player must press the down arrow key.

How much slime the main character has got is measured by a object called the slime-o-meter. Once the main character has got one bit of slime the meter will go up on block. If the main character losses some slime the slime-o-meter will go down a block and the bottle the sent out the slime will send out another bit. The maximum bits of slime the main character can absorb is three.


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