Slime-bunny preview
Health: 1 hit
Introduced in: Cedar Woods Act 1 level 1 (iOS version), tutorial (browser version)
Game(s): Drop Wizard

Slime-bunnies are the first enemies encountered in Drop Wizard.


Slime-bunnies have a dome shaped body which is predominantly their head with a pair of tall oval ears that stick out from the top. These ears move outward and come together as the bunnies move. On their face, are thin vertical black slits for eyes, a small black dot for a nose, and pink cheek spots located close to their eyes. Lastly, slime-bunnies will either have bright red or bright blue fur.

Game informationEdit

Slime-bunnies only appear in the Cedar Woods section of Drop Wizard. They bounce back and forth on platforms they are situated on. It takes a single hit from Teo's wand to stun them.

There are two types of slime-bunnies that appear in Cedar Woods. Both behave slightly differently when reaching the end of platforms. Red furred slime-bunnies always turn at the end of a platform, while blue furred slime-bunnies only turn around after reaching the end of a platform once. When the blue bunnies arrive at the end of a platform again, they fall to the next platform.


  • Slime-bunnies were the first component of Drop Wizard to be revealed.

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