Skull enemies or Dark Souls are the primary enemies in Sky Island.

Normal skull enemiesEdit

Normal skull enemy
Walking enemySkullenemyflattened
Right: A skull enemy when flattened
Attack: None
Health: 1 hit to the head
Points: 100
Introduced in: Level 2


Normal skull enemies have a black body with two arms and two legs attached to it. On the black body is four white marks near the left and right. On top of the body is the normal skull enemy’s face which is black with a white skull on the front.

Game informationEdit

First encountered in level 2, it is possible to kill normal skull enemies by jumping on their heads, as they only walk back and forth on the platform they are on. Once the sun scale has defeated a normal skull enemy, 100 points will be gained. It is sometimes possible to put normal skull enemies in front of blocks to make them stop moving.

Star carriersEdit

Star carriers
Skuller enemy
Abilities: Carrying stars


Star carriers have the appearance of a normal skull enemy and the only difference between them in appearance is that the star carrier has a light blue circle placed on the top of its head that has a white star inside it.

Game informationEdit

Unlike the normal walking skull enemies, star carriers must be defeated in order to pass a level. The sun scale cannot defeat star carriers by bouncing on their heads, as they will only bounce on the star the star carriers are carrying. Instead, the perspective must be changed to put the star carrier on a moon tile, which will instantly kill the carrier and leave the star it was carrying on its head in the sky.


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