Shield enemies
Shield enemy
Abilities: holding a object
Health: 1 ground pound on the head
Points: 100
Introduced in: level 6
Game(s): Dream Tower

Shield enemies are a type of enemy found in the game Dream Tower.


Shield enemies have round dark blue bodies. On the face of the enemy is a dark red eye and a black mouth. The rest of the enemy’s face is hidden by the shield it carries in front of it. That shield is oval shaped and lined with silver and is black with a silver skull on it.

Next to the bottom of the shield is a black belt with a silver square strapped around the shield enemy’s waist. Lastly shield enemies have two black feet near the bottom of their bodies.

Game informationEdit

Shield enemies first appear on level six of Dream Tower. They will walk back and fourth across platforms and turn once they reach the end of a platform. If the Blue Squirrel touches the shield the enemies carry, he will be thrown backward witch can often lead to the Blue Squirrel falling off platforms or into spikes. Jumping on top of the Shield enemies head will make the Blue Squirrel bounce up and down on it. If the Blue Squirrel ground pounds on the shield enemies head, the enemy will be killed and 100 points will be gained.

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