Seesaw platform
Seesaw platform
Ability: Tipping
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Seesaw platforms are interactive objects in Slime Laboratory 2.


Spinning platforms are rectangular with a grey bolt placed in the middle of it. The top of the seesaw platform is mostly various shades of grey. The bottom of the platform is striped black and yellow with the stripes being diagonal.

Game informationEdit

Seesaw platforms commonly appear in groups and first appear in level 10. When Slime stands on one end of the seesaw platform it will function like a seesaw and tip in that direction. By moving from one direction to the other it is possible to keep the seesaw platform in the position it was before the player touched it. Often the unsteadiness of the see-saw platform is used to increase difficulty such as in level 12 where the player has to tip seesaw platforms to jump onto the one above.

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