See saw level 6
Ability: Allowing the Yetis to reach higher areas
Game(s): Icy Cave

The seesaw is an interactive object found in Icy Cave.


Seesaws have a flat base that stretches up into a round circle. The base and the circle are grey but between the base and the circle is a section that is black and yellow. On either side of the grey circle is a long grey poll that attaches to a rectangle. Those rectangles are grey on the top but black and yellow at the bottom.

Game informationEdit

Seesaws first appear in level six of Icy Cave. Usually a yeti is positioned on a platform above a seesaw. Like real life seesaws, seesaws from Icy Cave can only be operated by two yetis. One yeti must stand on the seesaw's platform that is touching the ground while another yeti must be able to get onto the raised platform of the seesaw. A yeti must now walk onto the raised platform of the seesaw and it will send the yeti on the lower platform up into the air and onto a platform above. It is possible to send more then one yeti onto a above platform but only if there is a equal number of yetis on the raised end.

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