Scout ships
a green scout ship that grants 500 points
Health: low
Points: varies
Introduced in: Level 1 (green scout ships), level 9 (red scout ships), level 17 (blue and white scout ships), level 25 (grey scout ships)
Game(s): Ray Quest

Scout ships are a type of ship found in the game Ray Quest.


Purple and green scout shipsEdit

Purple and green scout ships are rectangular with two triangles coming from the back at them on either side and a thin stick poking out of the top of them. The back will be either purple or green while the front will be a black glass window. The purple scout ship is slightly larger then the green scout ship.

Red scout shipsEdit

Red scout ships are shaped like a diamond with two spikes coming out from the top of the diamond. The ship is completely red except for the grey roof and the black part inside the diamond.

Blue and white scout shipsEdit

Blue and white scout ships are rectangular with two rectangles at the front of the them and two light blue spike like objects at the back. The rectangular part of the ship is light blue except for two white lines going across it that connect to the two white rectangles at the front of the ship. In between the two white rectangles are two white balls that also attach to the ship.

Grey scout shipsEdit

Black scout ships are shaped like a triangle that has one of its point pointing to the bottom of the screen. That point is slightly round with a dark blue and light glass window. Other then the black scout ship's window, the ship is completely dark grey.

Game informationEdit

Scout ships all share three things in common they all appear in groups, they all have low health, and they all grant points in the hundreds. Scout ships are very weak as they do not have any form of attack and most types of scout ships move.

After the Ship has gotten to a certain level scout ships will not give any Particles. Green and purple scout ships are found on level 1, red scout ships first appear on level 9, blue and white scout ships appear on level 17, and black scout ships appear on level 25.


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