Scorpion head
Scorpion Head
Attack: fires blue and light blue bullets
Points: 1000
Introduced in: level 16
Game(s): Ray Quest

Scorpion head is a boss found in the game Ray Quest.


The scorpion head is shaped like a cockroach and has two grey pincers coming out of the front of it. Those pincers are attached to the rest of the ship that is slightly triangle shaped with two spikes on either side sticking out of it.

The rest of the ship is dark purple with other parts being a dark purple as well. On the front part of the ship is four shiny pink eyes with two that are large then the other two. Placed slightly close to the back part of the ship is two small rectangles that are pink with a black out line.

Game informationEdit

Scorpion head is found at the start of level 16 in the game Ray Quest. The scorpion head will start to sway to the left or right side of the screen and shoot light blue bullets as it sways to the sides of the screen. After the boss has shot a certain amount of light blue bullets , the boss will begin to turn around in a circle and fire a close together stream of blue bullets.

If the boss is brought down to certain amounts of health, the boss may sway less to the side of the screen. When the boss explodes, 1000 points will be gained as well as particles if the player hasn't completed all levels in the base world.


When the boss begins to sway to either side of the screen, get there ahead of the boss and make sure the Spaceship's bullets hit. When the boss begins to sway to the other side do the same thing. When the boss starts firing blue bullets and is in front of the Spaceship , still shoot shots at the boss but when the boss gets till it is nearly behind the Spaceship, move forward and avoid the shots. If the boss begins to go to the middle of the screen but is still firing blue bullets, move backwards and wait for the blue bullets to disappear then repeat the methods when the boss begins to sway. Keep repeating those methods until the scorpion head explodes.


  • The scorpion head moves similar to the city fighter as both bosses sway, shoot a stream of bullets as they sway, at certain period of time shoot a close stream of bullets as they rotate, and the same method for destroying both bosses can be used on both the city fighter and the scorpion head.

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