This is the article for rocks from Dino Quake, for the article for Little Fins see here

Ability: Killing enemies
Game(s): Dino Quake

Rocks are interactive objects in Dino Quake.


Rocks are round and tend to shine. They are a mixture of light grey and dark grey and they may have cracks going across them.

Game informationEdit

Rocks never appear in numbers. When they are hit by a earthquake, they will be thrown into the air, bounce off walls, and roll on platforms. If they touch any enemies, those enemies will instantly die.

After being hit by a earthquake one time the boulder will sustain a crack and the second time it is hit by a earthquake it will have a even larger crack. The third time it is hit the first wall it touches will instantly shatter it and its remains will fall off the screen. Rocks are quite useful for killing multiple enemies and allowing the player to gain much points by the valuable pickups left behind.


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