Rocket snowball
Rocket snowball
Attack: Shooting snow balls and Turtles at the Penguin
Abilities: Flying
Health: several hits from the Penguin's snowball
Introduced in: level 16
Game(s): Snow Tale

Rocket snowball is a the final boss in the game Snow Tale.


The pilot of the rocket spaceship sits in a cockpit witch has a blue glass window. Below the glass cockpit is a yellow half circle that has a cannon on the bottom. On either side of the boss is a yellow piece that is attached to a cylindercle blue object. That blue object sends out long or orange flames.


The rocket snowball attacks by trying to drop blue snowballs onto the player. Those snowballs will bounce three times then disappear. A few second later the ship will slowly stop flying and begin to fall to the ground but the Blue snowball piloting the ship will try to fall on the penguin. After the ship has again flown into the air Turtles will begin to drop out instead of snowballs. Then the flames coming out of the ship will switch to the top and again the Blue snowball will try to land the ship on top of the Penguin.

Game informationEdit

The rocket snowball ship will forever remain in the air until he has tossed out several snowballs or a few turtles then he will come down on the ground. Once the ship is on the ground it will either have flames coming up out of the sides or not. In either time if snowballs are thrown at the cockpit where the blue snowball piloting it is, damage will be gained or the flames will burn the snowballs. It is possible to throw a snowball at the cockpit once the spaceship is going up into the air.

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