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February 7th, 2013

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iPhone game


Beat 'em up


Roar Rampage


Idea, Programming and Graphics
Gionathan Pesaresi
Music and Sound Effects
Filippo Vicarelli
AnnouncerPaul Hernandez


First iOS release

Roar Rampage iOS is a ported version of Roar Rampage developed by FDG Entertainment for iOS devices. It was released on the iTunes App Store the day of February 7, 2013. The game had been announced to be in development since August 30, 2012 .


Slide finger - Control boxing glove

Level selectionEdit

Levels are divided into two modes: World Tour and Story Mode.


A tutorial mode is entered when the game is played for the first time. The player is taken to an area similar to that of City Brawl and is required to complete certain tasks in order to proceed. Once the tutorial is successfully completed, the level selection screen displays. The tutorial no longer appears unless the player resets their game.

Master PandaTo view this video walkthrough, click the [show] tag.

Roar Rampage tutorial01:15

Roar Rampage tutorial


An introduction plays upon starting up the app.

World TourEdit

Gameplay in World Tour is continuous and ends when the green dinosaur loses all of his health. As the player progresses, the green dinosaur reaches countries and is able to destroy different landmarks based on the country. Scores are measured in the number of kilometres the player progresses.

Story ModeEdit

Story Mode is divided into three chapters available on the level selection screen alongside World Tour. Each chapter has fifteen levels, which all end with a boss battle.

Chapter 1: City BrawlEdit

Chapter 2: Welcome to the JungleEdit

Chapter 3: ToxicarbaEdit


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [Expand] to open.

In the end, a news reporter reveals that the dinosaur rampaging the city only did so to rescue his son from a giant alien brain. The dinosaur and his son then set out to the open sea.


For every level completed in Story Mode, the player will be given a maximum of three bombs based on their performance and score. The number of bombs earned is displayed on the level select screen and will not be affected if the player receives a lower number of bombs on any subsequent playthrough. Bombs unlock powerups and items in the shop that the player can purchase with the gems they earn in the game.


Item Bombs needed Cost (gems)
Cake 2 200
Medikit 24 500
Fire Breath 39 800
Shield 42 400
Ice Breath 60 1000
Big Medikit 70 1500


Powerup Bombs needed Cost (gems)
Power Punch 9 200
Ice Punch 18 400
Fire Punch 27 400
Magnet Punch 35 500
Gem Punch 45 600
Lightning Punch 54 800
Quake Punch 63 800


  • September 3, 2012 - A beta preview of Roar Rampage iOS is released. Neutronized also mentions the game will be iOS exclusive upon its initial release, but will be made in such a way that conversion to other devices is possible.
  • September 26, 2012 - A second beta preview is released. Bonus stages are announced to be part of Roar Rampage iOS and are to be accessible if players collect the necessary letters to make "Bonus". The use of equippable items is also previewed.
  • November 6, 2012 - A third beta preview is released, this time with Roar Rampage iOS being played on an iPad mini. Neutronized announces an in-game shop to be part of the game, allowing players to customize the green dinosaur's appearance.
  • December 20, 2012 - Roar Rampage iOS is submitted to Apple for approval.
  • January 15, 2013 - Roar Rampage iOS is approved and set for release on the App Store on February 7, 2013. An official launch trailer is release, revealing a World Tour and several cameos from Neutronized's previous games making an appearance.


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