Ability: sending the player into the air
Game(s): Turbo Drifters

Ramps are interactive objects in the game Turbo Drifters


Ramps are large and rectangular with a slanted end. Ramps are mostly dark grey with some lighter shades of grey visible in the center of the ramp. On the the right and left sides of the ramp, on the edges, is a white and red line.

Game informationEdit

Ramps first appear in the shore cup and are found in set areas. Once a car goes over a ramp it will be sent flying into the air and gain a slight boost. If a car goes onto a ramp near the red and white lines, instead of getting a boost the car will lose speed. Once a ramp has been jumped over the player will be unable to go back and is forced to go around the circuit again and get onto the slanted part of the ramp.

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