Old bossy
Attack: Dashing into the Dinosaurs
Abilities: Flying
Health: 5 hits to the head
Introduced in: Level 12
Game(s): Dino Quake

Pterodactyl is the second boss in the game Dino Quake.


The boss has a light blue body with two light blue feet below it. Those two feet have two pale yellow toenails on each foot. Between the two feet is a short light blue tail that is slightly pointed on the end. On top of the bosses body is a light blue arm on either side that has two pale yellow fingernails.

Stuck to the bottom of each arm is a wing that is pale yellow inside and light blue on the outside. The boss has two black eyes stuck onto a pointed face and The boss’s face may sometimes be light blue, purple, or red.

Game informationEdit

Pterodactyl only appears on level twelve of Dino Quake. This boss will fly back and fourth in a pattern across the screen. Since there is a Rock in the middle of the screen the player can use that to hit the boss in it's weak spot. The weak spot is the bosses head which needs to be hit five times then the boss will be destroyed and leave three diamonds at the bottom of the screen.


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