Precious minerals
Red mineral 250
A red precious mineral
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Dyna Boy

Precious minerals are pickups in the game Dyna Boy.


Diamonds (mineral form)Edit

Diamonds are triangle shaped with a rectangular top that slants down and appear to be shiny. The diamond has a black outline and is various shades of blue though it is mostly light blue. While in the ground diamonds are almost rectangular excepted they have slanted corners. The diamond is various shades of blue except it has less patches of colour than when it is out of the ground.

Red precious mineralsEdit

Red precious minerals are shaped like a octagon but with only six of its side being equal length and two sides being double the size of one side. A black outline goes around the red precious mineral and the inside of the mineral is various shades of red. A reflection can be seen on one side of the mineral.

While in the ground the shape of the red precious mineral is slightly altered with it being placed at an angle and being more rectangular. The mineral is still several different shades of red but has less patches of colour then when it is out of the ground.

Yellow precious mineralsEdit

Yellow precious minerals are small and diamond shaped with a black outline. Most of the diamonds is dark yellow while some of it is a lighter shade of yellow. While in the ground the yellow mineral is slightly larger and lacks a black outline. The yellow precious mineral appears to be shiny.

Game informationEdit

All three precious minerals, which are diamonds, red precious minerals, and yellow precious minerals, first appear in level 1. When the miner touches a precious mineral it will be collected and grant points. Red precious minerals are worth 250 points and yellow precious minerals are worth 50 points and are the least valuable of all precious minerals.

Precious minerals are found either in the soil, boxes, pots, or simply lying on the ground (though this is very rare). To retrieve a precious mineral from the soil and boxes the player needs to blow up the soil or with TNT while to get precious minerals out of pots the player can either blow up the pot or push it off a platform to shatter it.


Main article: Diamonds
Diamonds come in two different forms, precious mineral and block. The block form of diamonds acts much like rocks except a TNT crates is needed to blow it up instead of a normal stick of TNT. The precious mineral form acts exactly the same as the other precious minerals and is worth 500 points, making it the most valuable.



  • Diamonds and red minerals while in the ground look almost exactly the same except they are different colored.

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