Abilities: Teleporting in water, breaking popsicles
Health: N/A
Introduced in: Level 3
Game(s): Lost Yeti

Polpo is an enemy only present in the Mighty Glacier levels of Lost Yeti.


Polpo appears to be a purple octopus with a visibly larger head apart from the rest of its body. It has a round head with vertically thin black eyes that have white pupils and a circular blue mouth.

Game informationEdit

Polpo first appears in level 3 of Mighty Glacier. Similar to Jellow, Polpo moves around the level in straight lines, only turning when it hits a corner. It destroys popsicles that cross its path, and pivots in a clockwise direction unless cornered.

In subsequent levels, Polpo will appear with at least two water holes present. If Polpo moves onto a water hole, it will teleport to the other water hole in the level. Blocking the water hole or surrounding it tightly with ice blocks prevents Polpo from transporting itself to the adjacent water hole.


  • Polpo was originally designed to have a hat on top of its head. The hat was ultimately removed to ensure consistency with the other types of enemies who wore no clothing or accessories[1]
An array of Polpo's early designs.


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