Ability: Allowing access to other areas
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Pods are interactive objects in Slime Laboratory 2


Pods are square shaped and orange. The hinges of the pod's doors are located near the outside on either side of the pod and they are a grey cylinder with a orange ball placed on them near the bottom with a smaller orange cylinder placed near the ball with a small distance between them.

Several orange bolts are placed in a row in alignment with space between the cylinder and the ball. Below the bolts is the window of the pod that is black with transparent white glass over it. At the top and bottom of the pod is two orange objects with a small distance between them that are shaped like the top of a battery.

Game informationEdit

Pods first appear in level 3. Pods only serve the purpose of dividing the metal tiled section of the level from the earth covered section of the level. Once the player walks up to a pod the door will open and once the player walks in the door will close and the other one will open. Pods typically appear in twos.

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