Pipe from slime 2
Ability: Allowing Slime to move to new areas
Game(s): Slime Laboratory 2

Pipes are a interactive object in the game Slime Laboratory 2.


Pipes are large, cylindrical, and are shaped in many different ways. The pip is made of white glass that is transparent and shiny. The end of the pipe are orange and surrounded by a black outline. One end of a pipe will have a black and yellow striped door with the ends of the door being grey. The door of the pipe will also have a grey hinge.

Game informationEdit

Pipes first appear in level 2 and to get into a pipe the player will have to slide into them. Pipes always have a open end and a closed end with a door placed in front of it.

Inside a pipe will be Floppy disks and after the player has collected the floppy disks they will have to force the door open to get out as the open end of the pipe is to narrow for the player to jump out of. Pipes are placed in many places such as the floor or in the ceiling and sometimes even or the end of the level.

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