Cherry, cherry, quite contrary!
a cherry worth 100 points
Ability: granting points
Game(s): Dino Quake

Pickups are a point granting items that appear in the game Dino Quake.



Cherries have a green stem that separates into two parts. Those parts are thin and and each attach to a round pink ball.


Lemons are slightly diamond shaped and are a a light yellow colour. They are flecked with green spots.


Strawberries are pinkish red and triangle shaped. The part of them that is pinkish red has several white spots on it and a green leafy stem at the top of it.

Grape clusterEdit

Grape clusters have a long black stem that has two pieces attached to it on the top. Round and shiny purple balls are attached to the stem.


Watermelons are cut in half and have pink and red fruit inside. They have a green rind that has dark green stripes on it. Where the red fruit is shown the green rind has a white band going around it.


Diamonds are light blue and shiny. They have a triangle base with a slightly rectangular top.

Game informationEdit

Pickups can only be gotten if the player kills a enemy. That enemy will land somewhere then drop a piece of fruit where it landed. To get more valuable fruit the player must kill many enemies in a single earthquake. This is often difficult to do since no enemies stay still for a very long time. The diamond, unlike most pickups, always appears in threes and is not dropped by any enemy but is instead dropped by Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, and T-rex after they are killed. Since the diamond is only dropped by bosses it is the most valuable pickup granting 700 points. The pickup that was first seen in level one, is the cherry the least valuable (since it only grants 100 points) and most common.


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