For the penguin from Snow Tale, see Penguin.
Small penguin2
A small penguin
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Penguins are interactive objects found in Hoop and Pop.


Penguins have navy blue and white bodies. Near the back of the penguin is a single navy blue wing and at the bottom of the penguin is a partly hidden orange foot. On the penguins face is one black eye and a a red cheek. Coming out in front of the penguins face is a triangle shaped orange beak. Penguins come in the sizes small, medium, and large.

Game informationEdit

Penguins appear on level four of the animal cup. Penguins will come from the left side of the screen and tilt forward and back then slowly go across the screen and disappear on the other side. To pop a penguin the player must draw a circle around two. Depending on the number circled, penguins will always grant points in the hundreds. For example: three small penguins are circled and each grant 300 points.


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