Parachute open mouth2
a parachute with a open mouth pattern
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Parachutes are interactive objects found in Hoop and Pop.


Parachutes are white and shaped like a half circular that has four strings coming from them. On top of the parachute will be a yellow circle that will have two dark yellow dots near the top and either a smile, frown, or opened mouth on the yellow circle. The four strings of the parachute attach to a person who is dressed in light grey. The person is completely covered except for his face witch has white skin, two black eyes, are red mouth, and two eyebrows that are a dark shade of the persons skin.

Game informationEdit

Parachutes appear on level six of the sports cup. Parachutes will come from the top of the screen and slowly lean side to side as they fall to the bottom of the screen. When the parachutes have reached the bottom of the screen, those parachutes will disappear. Depending on how many parachutes were circled, parachutes will always grant points in the hundreds. For example: two parachutes with a open mouth pattern are circled together and each grant 200 points.


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