Drop Wizard onion m
Drop Wizard onion b
Mobile Browser
Abilities: Hiding
Introduced in: Cedar Woods level 3 (iOS version), level 4 (browser version)
Game(s): Drop Wizard

Onions are enemies in the Cedar Woods area of Drop Wizard.


iOS versionEdit

Onions from the iOS version of Drop Wizard have a peach coloured teardrop shaped body with pink horizontal lines at the top. Three green leaves protrude out of the tip. Their eyes are portrayed as black slits and are close to their feet, which are ovular and an orange-yellow shade.

Browser versionEdit

Onions from the browser version of Drop Wizard have a rounded slightly-conical body with two ovular feet located at the bottom and three leaves sprouting out at the top. The body of the onion is predominantly white with thin purple indents visible on the flanks and two black eyes shaped like horizontal slits. The feet of the onion are an orange-yellow shade with the leaves on top being a bright green.

Game informationEdit

Onions first make an appearance in level 3 of Cedar Woods or level 4 of the browser version of Drop Wizard. They pace back and forth of the platform they are on, turning when they reach the end of a surface. When an onion is facing Teo on the same platform that it is on, it burrows into the ground, missing a star projectile if it was shot in its direction.

An onion can only be stunned when its face is turned away from Teo, though it can be hit from any direction when stunned enemies hit it. If an onion is hidden and rolling stunned enemies travel over it, the onion loses its leaves, causing it to become enraged and turn red. The onion then moves at a faster speed and also falls off the edge of platforms.

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