Moving blocks
Single moving block
Attack: Crushing the player
Damage: Instant death
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Moving blocks are hazards in Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Moving blocks are square shaped and a very dark brown with bolts of a matching colour placed in perpendicular straight row visible on their surface. When the moving block is extended, a gear with a light brown cross-like inside and a dull bluish-gray grids is visible controlling the moving block.

Game informationEdit

Moving blocks first appear in level 12 and are always found in pairs. Moving blocks are always found in parallel rows facing each other and, after a certain time, press together against the one below or moving away. When moving blocks are encountered, the player usually has to navigate over them to reach a new area with the player being unable to move quickly enough away resulting in the owner being crushed to death.

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