Some Neutronized games published on Miniclip come with awards registered members can earn. A list of these awards as well as their description, is compiled below.

Ghosts Stole My DogEdit

Ghosts Stole My Dog BronzeEdit

Miniclip 484 50 Switch on your vacuum cleaner and get ready to save your dog! Scoring 25,000 will get you the Ghosts Stole My Dog Bronze Award!

Ghosts Stole My Dog SilverEdit

Miniclip 483 50 Be careful! The ghosts can take on many different forms, keep your eyes open and score 40,000 points for the Ghosts Stole My Dog Silver Award!

Ghosts Stole My Dog GoldEdit

Miniclip 482 50 Vacuum up the slimy ghosts and save your dog! Score 55,000 points for the Ghosts Stole My Dog Gold Award!



Miniclip 664 50 Take on an epic journey of the elements. Find clever ways to beat the levels and score 15,000 points for the Mimelet Award!

Slime LaboratoryEdit

Slime Laboratory Award BronzeEdit

Miniclip 977 50 Tired of being locked up in a lab without nothing to do, you decide to go exploring! Score 20,000 points for the Bronze Award!

Slime Laboratory Award SilverEdit

Miniclip 975 50 It seems that the lab is a dangerous place for a ball of slime! Don't be afraid and keep rolling forward! Score 40,000 points for the Silver Award!

Slime Laboratory Award GoldEdit

Miniclip 973 50 All the traps, lasers and dangerous contraptions might slow down any other pile of slime, but not you! You can taste freedom - score 60,000 points for the Gold Award!

Little FinsEdit

Little Fins BronzeEdit

Miniclip 1221 50 Explore the underwater world and get 40,000 points and this award is yours!

Little Fins SilverEdit

Miniclip 1219 50 Avoid all obstacles on the way and swim your way to 60,000 points to get this award!

Little Fins GoldEdit

Miniclip 1217 50 Only the fastest swimmers can achieve 90,000 points and get the gold!

Snow TaleEdit

Snow Tale BronzeEdit

Miniclip 1966 50 Clear a few levels, defeat a few monsters and score 25,000 to win the bronze.

Snow Tale SilverEdit

Miniclip 1964 50 Make sure to get as many crystals as possible and leave no foe standing to score 50,000 and win the silver

Snow Tale GoldEdit

Miniclip 1962 50 Tell the Snow Tale the way it was meant to be told by scoring 100,000 and winning the gold.

Flash TennisEdit

Flash Tennis BronzeEdit

Miniclip 2463 50 Play Flash Tennis tournament and score 20,000 to win the bronze

Flash Tennis SilverEdit

Miniclip 2465 50 Open with a strong serve and follow through with a powerful play. Score 50,000 to win the silver.

Flash Tennis GoldEdit

Miniclip 2467 50 Play on a world scale, defeat all the opponents and score 80,000 to win the gold.

Roar RampageEdit

Roar Rampage BronzeEdit

Miniclip 2565 50 Practice your punching skills on a few cities to score 50,000 to win the bronze.

Roar Rampage SilverEdit

Miniclip 2563 50 Wake up the town by punching loads of buildings to the ground to score 100,000 to win the silver.

Roar Rampage GoldEdit

Miniclip 2561 50 Go out on an all-time rampage destroying every building in your way to score 200,000 to win the gold.

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