Dyna Boy
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health 3 lives
Level All
Game(s) Dyna Boy

Dyna Boy is the main character in Dyna Boy.


Dyna Boy wears a yellow helmet with a light on the front of it that is attached by a red string.The light is circular with a grey outline. He has light blue skin, black eyes, circular white hands, and black feet that are slightly triangular. Lastly his lower body is covered in dark blue which appears to be pants.

Game informationEdit

Dyna Boy has three lives and if he touches a enemy or hazards three times, he'll fall off the screen. By pressing against objects it is possible to move them and if he has picked up TNT, he can can throw it with space.

If the player makes Dyna Boy stand still and presses space, he'll place TNT on the ground in the direction it is facing. If, however, the player makes him run and then presses space the TNT will be thrown across the grown in a straight line and likewise jump and pressing space will cause the TNT to be thrown a short distance.

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [Expand] to open.

In the ending of Dyna Boy it is revealed that he was lost in a cave and has escaped.

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