Attack: Walking into the Blue Squirrel
Abilities: Disappearing
Health: 1 hit on head
Points: 20
Introduced in: level 18 (version three of Dream Tower)
Game(s): Dream Tower

Magicians are a enemy in the game Dream Tower.


Magicians have round bodies and wear a black top hat on their heads. They wear black shoes that point up and have spiked ends. The magician's body is light purple and white in the centre. On the white part of the Magicians body is two red dot like eyes, a black v, and a small black dot.

Game informationEdit

Magicians first appear on level eighteen but only in version three of Dream Tower. Magicians attack the Blue Squirrel in a unusual way as they will disappear when the Blue Squirrel is on the platform below them. When the Blue Squirrel jumps onto that platform, they will reappear and try to walk into the Blue Squirrel. If the magician touches the Blue squirrel, a heart will be taken away. The only ways to kill a magician is to jump or ground pound on their heads. Once a magician is killed either way, 20 points will be gained.


  • Because magician's bodies are partly dark purple, it is possible they are wearing a white mask and a top hat and are really Dark enemies

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