Magic stones
Magic pink stoneBlue magic pas
a blue magic stone and a pink magic stone
Ability: Teleporting the player
Game(s): Graveyard Maniacs

Magic stones are interactive objects in Graveyard Maniacs.


Magic stones are grey and rectangular. On each of it's corners will be a pink or blue shiny dot. In the middle of the stone will be what appears to be a blue or pink pool that has blue or pink sparks coming out of it.

Game informationEdit

Magic stones commonly appear in twos. Once the boy steps onto one he will be instantly teleported to the stones twin. This can be useful when the player is trying to get away from enemies or get candy. Magic stones can also help the player kill enemies as they can teleport pumpkins. For enemies magic stones will act like barriers and enemies will always change direction when they come up to one.

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