Level 10 lift
Ability: Allowing the yetis to reach higher platforms
Game(s): Icy Cave

Lifts are a interactive object found in Icy Cave.


Lifts have two dark grey circles above them. Those dark grey circles have a light grey rope going across them that the two ends of the rope connects to a smaller grey circle. Those small grey circles each have two ropes coming out from them that attach to a platform making a triangle. That platform is dark grey on the top but yellow and black on the bottom.

Game informationEdit

Lifts are first found in level nine of Icy Cave. Lifts function similar to seesaws but are much trickier to get on if the player makes a mistake in placing the yetis. To get to a higher platform with the help of a lift, the player must place on yeti on a part of the lift. The piece of the lift the yeti is on will sink down and a yeti on a platform the lift stops on must walk onto the platform. Now both platforms will be across from each other. Now make another yeti walk onto a platform and that other platform that the second yeti didn't get will rise up.

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