A key from Double Panda
Ability: Opening doors
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy, Double Panda, Dyna Boy

Keys are interactive objects in Ghosts Stole My Puppy, Double Panda, and Dyna Boy.


Ghosts Stole My PuppyEdit

Keys come in the colours brown, gold, and light blue. They have two teeth near the bottom of them with one being larger than the other and is attached to a short pole which is in turn attached to a rectangle with a hole in the middle.

Double PandaEdit

Keys are gold with an oval shaped top that connects to a short L shaped pole.

Dyna BoyEdit

Keys are yellow with a black outline. The top of the key is shaped like a rectangle with a smaller rectangular part removed. The bottom of the key is shaped like a L with a large bottom tooth and a very small top tooth.

Game informationEdit

Ghosts Stole My PuppyEdit

Keys first appear in level 2 and are scattered around levels often hidden in rooms with ghosts. There are three different coloured keys and signs are put next to doors tell which kind of coloured key is needed to open that door. Brown keys are often the primary key that appears with blue keys appearing on occasions and gold keys rarely.

Double PandaEdit

Keys are always held by sword ninjas and first appear on level five of Double Panda. To get a key, Giant Panda must jump on the enemy's head to destroy it then let Red Panda pick it up. Keys can be used to open doors to get to areas that were previously caged off.

Dyna BoyEdit

Keys first appear in level 3 and often appear in twos. Wherever there is a key somewhere in the level there will be a locked door. To collect a key the player should make the miner walk up to it and to open a locked door, the player should make the miner touch it. Sometimes keys are hidden in the soil near tombstones. While underground keys highly resemble yellow precious minerals but are smaller.


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