Jumping blue enemies
Attack: Touching the Blue Squirrel
Health: 1 hit on head
Points: 20
Introduced in: level 4
Game(s): Dream Tower

Jumping blue enemies are a type of enemy found in the game Dream Tower.


Jumping blue enemies have a a dark blue body, a black mouth, and two red upside down crescents for eyes. They have two black feet the point up at the ends and have small grey balls on them. On the top of the jumping blue enemies head is a black and white jesters hat that has a grey rim.

Game informationEdit

Jumping blue enemies first appear on level four of Dream Tower. These enemies will jump back and fourth across platforms. To kill them the Blue Squirrel can either jump on their heads while in the air or on the ground, or the Blue Squirrel can ground pound on their heads. Either way will kill the enemy and grant the player 20 points.


  • Because of the shoes and the hat jumping blue enemies wear, it is possible jumping blue enemies were modelled after a jester.

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